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Ogura Quarterly Newsletters

1st Quarter 2024 (Vol 99)

The 1st quarter newsletter includes, ORC Racing Products Now Available in the US, OIC new employee bio, Craig Harvey, SuperTurbo Technologies application story and more/

4th QUARTER 2023 (VOL 98)

The Ogura 4th quarter newsletter features: Equip Expo 2023, Sales rep profile Renald Leblond of Marktech, application story on Dryject turf aerator and more.

3rd QUARTER 2023 (VOL 97)

The 3rd quarter Ogura newsletter features: Ogura's new logo, Sales Meeting, Ogura's 25th anniversary, new employee profile Kotoe Asami and more.

2ND QUARTER 2023 (VOL 96)

The Ogura 2nd Quarter newsletter features: Supplier Meeting, Employee Bio Mike McPhee, parasailing application story and more!

1st Quarter 2023 (Vol 95)

1st quarter newsletter includes Ogura Philippines Groundbreaking Ceremony, Sales Rep Profile Tom Kethchum, Altoz Switch Application Story and more

4th Quarter 2022 (Vol 94)

The 4th Quarter newsletter features Ogura Wins Silver in 2022 LEAP Awards, Ogura Dongguan Received Stiga's Excellent Quality Activity Award, Ogura in Design World, and more

3rd Quarter 2022 (Vol 93)

The 3rd quarter newsletter features Expanding Auto Parts Traceability, Eneos Super Taikyu Series 2022, Ogura's New Large Bore Brakes for Robot and Medical Equipment and more

2nd Quarter 2022 (Vol 92)

The 2nd quarter newsletter features New Building for Ogura Electric Completed, Name Changes of Ogura Subsidiaries, Eneos Super Taikyu Series and more.

1st Quarter 2022 (Vol 91)

The 1st quarter newsletter features ISO14001 Renewal, Super Taikyu Race, Happy Retirement to Junichi Ebisawa, OIC promotions and more.

4th Quarter 2021 (Vol 90)

The 4th quarter newsletter features Ogura wins bronze in 2021 LEAP AWARDS, monster showing at Equip Expo, Ogura products featured in Elevator World and more!

3rd Quarter 2021 (Vol 89)

The 3rd quarter newsletter features Ogura Named Supplier of the Year, UMATT Tractor Competition, Ogura MWC used for tugboats application story, lawnmower racing results and more!

2nd Quarter 2021 (Vol 87)

The 2nd quarter newsletter includes Ogura Clutch Stadium, Ogura car-bon fiber reinforced GR clutch, award from JTEKT Corp, Application Story - how did they get that shot?

1st Quarter 2021 (Vol 86)

The 1st quarter newsletter includes JIS Q9100 Recertification Audit, ISO 14001 Periodic Audit, RC Mowers Application Story, New Product - Cobot Friendly Brake and more.

4th Quarter 2020 (Vol 85)

The 4th quarter newsletter includes Ogura's Reinforced Clutch is Adopted by Toyota for GR, StiltPro Application Story, Ogura Releases a New Product Line: DQH Torque Sensors

3rd Quarter 2020 (Vol 84)

The 3rd quarter newsletter includes OIC Expansion Completed, Coronavirus Update, Lexmark Application Story, Lawnmower Racing and more.

2nd Quarter 2020 (Vol 83)

The 2nd quarter newsletter includes a Covid-19 update from Frank Flemming, New Office Expansion, Product of the Week, Rep Bio and more.

1st Quarter 2020 (Vol 82)

This quarter newsletter features Tokyo Auto 2020, COVID 19 Help, New Ogura Rep Bio and more.

4th Quarter 2019 (Vol. 81)

The 4th Quarter Newsletter features: Ceremony held for New Sansen Site, New Ogura Brochures, Electric Supercharger application story and more!

3rd Quarter 2019 (Vol. 80)

The 3rd quarter newsletter features Arva application story,, new employee bio, lawn mower racing season conclusion and more!

2nd Quarter 2019 (Vol. 79)

The 2nd Quarter 2019 newsletter features Mr. Ogura Talks about Oguras Future, New OCC Expansion Finished, Scag Windstorm Application, Lawnmower Racing updates and more

1st Quarter 2019 (Vol. 78)

The 1st Quater 2019 newsletter features Quality Seminar, Tokyo Auto Salon, Lawnmower racing update and more.

4th Quarter 2018 (Vol. 77)

Ogura`s 4th quarter newsletter features a lawnmower racing update, GIE Expo 2018, Ogura National Sales Meeting 2018 and more.

3rd Quarter 2018 (Vol. 76)

The Ogura 3rd Qtr newsletter includes new rep bio, lawn mower racing update and more!

2nd Quarter 2018 (Vol. 75)

The 2nd quarter newsletter includes: Ogura Clutch Celebrates 80 Years, New Industry Forum/Community, Motorized Curtain Application Story and more

1st Quarter 2018 (Vol. 74)

The 1st qtr. newsletter includes: OC Receives Supplier Recognition Award, Tokyo Auto Salon 2018, STM Application story and more.

4th Quarter 2017 (Vol. 73)

GIE Expo 2017, Ariens Award, Ogura Micro Clutch used in Door Locks and more

3rd Quarter 2017 (Vol 72)

Volume 72 includes new animation videos created by Ogura, Ballard application story and more.

2nd Qtr 2017 (Vol 71)

The 2nd quarter newsletter includes new Ogura electric clutch and brake animation videos, lawnmower racing, Application story on Sarlo Mowers

1st Quarter 2017 (Vol. 70)

Ogura first quarter 2017 newsletter. Application story - A Clean Highway is a Safe Highway, rep bio, ISO cert renewed, Tokyo Auto Salon and more.

4th Quarter 2016 (Vol. 69)

4th quarter newsletter features 2016 GIE Expo, Application story - NLB, lawnmower racing and more.

3rd Quarter 2016 (Vol. 68)

New rep organization, Motion Control Resources, Lawnmower racing wrap-up, Application Story: Star Machine

2nd Quarter 2016 (Vol. 67)

88th Purchasing Policy Seminar, Sales Rep Bio, 3D Drawings Added, Application Story: Frictionless World and more

1st Quarter 2016 (Vol. 66)

Stories include Tokyo Auto Salon 2016, Motorcycle racing, and application Story: Ogura PHT Keeps Tension Under Control.

4th Quarter 2015 (Vol. 65)

Stories include: Ariens Supplier Award, New Product Flyers, Application Story - Scanning with Falcon

3rd Quarter 2015 (Vol. 64)

The 3rd quarter newsletter: Ogura Clutch China Changxing Expands; Ogura Unveils New Website; New Sales Rep Profile; Application Story - How Not to Wear Pumps and more

2nd Quarter 2015 (Vol. 63)

Stories include: Ogura chosen by Sanden as Supplier of the Year, China Plant Moved, Racers Ready for 2015 Lawnmower Racing Season and more

1st Qtr 2015 (Vol 62)

The 1st quarter newsletter includes: Ogura Exhibits at the 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon, New Sales Rep Profile, Sales Rep Training in Japan and more

4th Quarter 2014 (Vol. 61)

4th quarter newsletter includes: Productivity Improvement at Plant No. 1, Ogura Exhibits at Eima International, Island City Application Story and more.

3rd Quarter 2014 (Vol. 60)

The 3rd quarter newsletter includes: New Plant Opened in China, Website Enhancements, New Product and ads featured in industry magazines.

2nd Quarter 2014 (Vol. 59)

The 2nd quarter newsletter includes: Ogura Announces New Manufacturing Plant in India, Guangzhou International Automotive AC Show, New Sales Rep Profile, Application Story - Advanced Door Locking System Uses New Micro Clutch Technology and more.

1st Qtr. 2014 (Vol. 58)

The first quarter newsletter includes Ogura Expands Production in Thailand, Application Story: Ogura Clutch Helps Deliver High Performance Hydraulics on Euripean Trucks, Ogura Exhibits at 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon and more.

4th Quarter 2013 (Vol. 57)

The 4th Qtr Newsletter includes Layout Change Helps Improve Production, Chuck Miller Wins Lawnmower Racing BP Championship, Application Story: Ogura and Power Hawk Help Save Lives and more.

3rd Quarter 2013 (Vol 56)

The 3rd quarter newsletter features: Touchscreen Workstations, New Quick Selection Tool, New Sales Rep Profile as, Application Story: A Unique Way to Service Wind Generators and more.

2nd Quarter 2013 (Vol 55)

The 2nd quarter newsletter features Ogura Receives Global Excellence Award from Ford Motor Company, New China Manufacturing Plant Announced, New Sales Rep Profile and New Brochures, Application Story: Applying Brakes in Targeted Biopsy and more.

1st Quarter 2013 (Vol 54)

The 1st quarter newsletter includes bio of new sales reps, application story featuring Graco, Inc., lawnmower racing, Tokyo Auto Salon and more.

4th Quarter 2012 (Vol 53)

The 4th quarter newsletter includes Electric Vehicles Added, Bios of two new sales reps, application story on Eddie Paul Industries, GIE Expo and more.

3rd Quarter 2012 (Vol 52)

The 3rd quarter newsletter highlights: Plant #1 Passes Aerospace Audit, Ogura Now on LinkedIn and Twitter, and the 2012 LawnMower Racing Nationals. The newsletter also includes the application story, Solid Foundation Critical for Ocean Oil.

2nd Quarter 2012 (Vol. 51)

The 2ndquarter newsletter highlights: Ogura Clutch Thailand Increases Production, ISO9001 and ISO/TS16949 Recertified. In the News: Lawnmower Racing Kicks off the 2012 Season on TV. The newsletter also includes the application story, New Power Produced with Historic Windmill.

1st Quarter 2012 (Vol. 50)

The 1st quarter newsletter highlights: Ogura Exhibits at Tokyo Auto Salon; Ogura Corporation Receives Ford Q1 Award. The newsletter includes the application story, Its About Time.

4th Quarter 2011 (Vol. 49)

The 4th quarter newsletter highlights: Plant Expansion in China Complete; Redesigned. It also covers Ogura Volunterrs Help in Disaster Recovery; Ogura Japan Ends Summer Time Shift FGrom Tsunami. In the News: Ogura Exhibits at 2011 GIE Show and 2011 Fuel Cell Seminar.

3rd Quarter 2011 (Vol. 48)

The 3rd quarter newsletter highlights: Production Improved at Kabayashi Plant. It also covers New 2011 Hires; JIS Q9100 Within Reach. In the News: Lawn Mower Season Wraps Up; Speed Increaser Boosts Alternator Speed and more.

2nd Quarter 2011 (Vol. 47)

The 2nd quarter newsletter highlights: Plant #1 Change Improves Assembly Time; Ogura Helps Support Tsunami and Earthquake Victims. It also covers completed ISO and JIS inspections as well as Greenchoice sponsorship. In the News: Ogura Receives Panasonic Superior Supply Award; Lawnmower Racing Hits Japanese Prime-Time Television.

1st Quarter 2011 (Vol. 46)

The 1st quarter newsletter highlights Top Quality Control Circles Honored. It also covers Ogura on Facebook and YouTube. In the News: Ogura Shows New Hydrogen Pump at Fuel Cell Expo in Tokyo; Hydrogen Pump featured and E-Magazine.

4th Quarter 2010 (Vol. 45)

The 4th quarter newsletter highlights Ogura to expand Aerospace production. It also covers Ogura exhibiting at the 2010 GIE Expo. In the News: Ogura Supercharger design benefits highlighted; New Ogura Hydrogen Pump increase life and efficiency for Ballard; Magnetic Fields help Treat Depression.

3rd Quarter 2010 (Vol. 44)

The 3rd quarter newsletter highlights China Plant expands production. It also covers Environmental Update: New Regulations for Energy Reduction. In the News: Bobby Cleveland finished 2010 Season, sets sites on new world record.

2nd Quarter 2010 (Vol 43)

The 2nd quarter newsletter highlights is OIC writes for Wikipedia. It also covers Ogura products shown at China’s Automotive and Air Conditioning Show. In the News: Bobby Cleveland in the lead for 2010 Lawn Mower Racing.

1st Quarter 2010 (Vol. 42)

The 1st quarter newsletter highlights New Thailand Plant Opens. It also covers Akabori Plant Improves Production. Check out the New Products from Ogura: New Thinner Spring Applied Brake Series MCNB

4th Quarter 2009 (Vol. 41)

The 4th quarter newsletter highlights OIC displays Supercharger at GIE Expo . It also covers new ISO Audit update. Also, Ogura approved for Trademark and Ogura displayed at Marine Show

Third Quarter 2009 (Vol. 40)

The OIC 3rd quarter newsletter has been added, highlighting: Ogura celebrates 10 years of providing newsletters; Ogura introduces New Sales Rep from JT Chapman for Houston, TX area; Best Medicine application story by Manchec Technologies; In the News, Ogura featured in Machine Design (July Issue) & Motion System Design (August Issue).

Second Quarter 2009 (Vol. 39 )

The OIC 2nd quarter newsletter has been added, highlighting: Ogura consolidates plants # 3 & 5 and incorporates "One Flow Production System"; Keller Industrial expands coverage of Ogura into Western PA; New Probe Stretches the Limits of Oceanscience application story; New Products, MCB5 Brake and MC5 Clutch; In the News, Lawn Mower Racing off to a Slow Start.

First Quarter 2009 (Vol 38)

The OIC 1st quarter newsletter has been added, highlighting: New Manufacturing Facility in Thailand; Ogura Managers receive GE Management Training; Ogura Clutches Help Keep You on the Right Track application story; Ogura Racing Products featrued at Tokyo Auto Salon; Ogura Rescue Tools Featured on new Television Program.

Fourth Quarter 2008 (Vol 37)

The OIC 4th quarter newsletter has been added highlighting New Auto Guided Vehicles Improve Productivity; 2008 GIE Expo Show; Bam Zoom to the Moon application story; Ogura Spring Applied Brake freatured in Machine Design; Bobby Cleveland takes 3rd in Points Championship.

Third Quarter 2008 (Vol 36)

The Third Quarter OIC Newsletter has been added. Highlighting Ogura Industrial's 70th Anniversary. Also highlights ActionCam....Puts you in the action. In the news Ogura exhibs at the Mechanical Elements Technology Show.

Second Quarter 2008 (Vol 35)

The second OIC quarter newsletter has been added

First Quarter 2008 (Vol 34)

In this newsletter you can read about the new production improvements at the Akabori plant. Our new sales rep firm in Australia is introduced along with a new lost cost spring applied brake. The featured application story is sure to blow you away.

Fourth Quarter 2007 (Vol 33)

The Ogura fourth quarter newsletter details a new automated torque tester being used in the plants and an application story on Smithco's Sweepstar 60. The newsletter introduces a new sales firm in Italy and gives a follow up on the GIE Expo in Louisville, Kentucky.

Third Quarter 2007 (Vol 32)

In the third quarter newsletter Ogura acquires a new plant in Japan and makes changes to the armature assembly line at the Akabori facility. In addition, a new application engineer is introduced and there is an interesting application story on Kawasaki Jet Skis.

Second Quarter 2007 (Vol 31)

The 2nd quarter newsletter highlights the increase in productivity in Plant #1 in Japan. It also showcases the Hannover Fair and the Tokyo Auto Salon. There is an application story on Bercomac, along with an update on Bobby Cleveland.

First Quarter 2007 (Vol 30)

This newsletter highlights new land purchased for an additional facility. It also highlights 3 articles that were published in different magazines, as well as a new application for a ride-on lawnmower.

Fourth Quarter 2006 (Vol 29)

The 4th quarter newsletter highlights two trade shows, an award received and news on RoHS compliance. It also introduces a new Sales Representative and details a new application.

Third Quarter 2006 (Vol 28)

The 3rd quarter newsletter highlights the improvement of production at the Koubayashi plant, environmental updates, a plaque received and news on lawnmower racing. It also introduces a new Sales Representative, additions to the Ogura website and an interesting application.

Second Quarter 2006 (Vol 27)

The 2nd quarter newsletter highlights the improvement of rotor production, a new way to dispose of waste, awards received and news of the Ogura Clutch Cart Race. It also introduces a Sales Representative and new hires in Japan, a new search engine and an interesting application.

First Quarter 2006 (Vol 26)

The first quarter OIC newsletter has been added highlighting awards and plaques received, Ogura's contribution to the aircraft industry, a new product release, and up to date news on ORC racing. It also introduces a new Sales Representative and describes a new application.

Fourth Quarter 2005 (Vol 25)

The OIC 4th quarter newsletter has been added highlighting Ogura’s participation and various trade shows throughout the world, new website enhancements, new OIC employee, quality award from Canon and application story with rubber tire stripper.

Third Quarter 2005 (Vol 24)

Industrial Plant Improves Inventory Handling;Low Draft Boats help rescue efforts after Katrina;Lawnmower Racing finishes season in Mansfield, OH;New Higher Torque General Purpose Clutches released;

Second Quarter 2005 (Vol.23)

International training held; Ogura Japan unveils new website;New engineers hired for 2005;Ogura receives CMS certification from RICOH;Tokyo Auto Salon 2005; 2005 Lawnmower racing;SAE Show

First Quarter 2005 (Vol. 22)

Ogura Industrial Corp. unveils new website; Ogura Production continues to grow green and to save green; New DIN mounted power supply makes mounting a snap; All air conditioning production facilities including new operation in China receives Excellence in Supply form Matsushita

Fourth Quarter 2004 (Vol. 21)

New China Plant Announced; USA Manufacturing Plant Receives ISO/TS 16949 Certification; ORC's New Carbon Clutch Disk; Ogura exhibits at annual lawn and garden expo in Louisville

Third Quarter 2004 (Vol. 20)

Ogura Industrial's New Home; Ogura Products on Display at Tokyo Show; The Spider Mower; Lawn Mower Racing

Second Quarter 2004 (Vol. 19)

New China Factory Open for Business; Ogura Industrial Corp. is moving; Ogura Manufacturing plants to comply with new EU standards; Ogura Japan hires 36 new technical personnel who will go through six months high intense basic training.

First Quarter 2004 (Vol. 18)

Total Industrial Engineering (TIE) Program improves efficiency, reduces waste; new remote controlled mower manufactured in Germany can handle inclines up to 40 degrees; Ogura joins "kellysearch" to expand Ogura's presence in the UK market; Ogura Japan exhibits at Tokyo Auto Show and exhibits new D1 clutch and new triple plate and carbon clutches; also exhibits at Textile Show displaying their PHT tension control units.

Fourth Quarter 2003 (Vol. 17)

Akabori Japan Manufacturing Plant for PTO clutch/brakes and mobile clutch products introduces an automated transportation system in their manufacturing facilities, Ogura Japan receives ISO/TS16949 Certification for the two plants that manufacture mobile clutches, lawn and garden PTO clutch/brakes and automative related clutches, and Ogura Clutch has ground breaking ceremony for new manufacturing facility in Canton, China.

Third Quarter 2003 (Vol. 16)

Production at Akabori Plant (#4Japan) Reaches 700,000 Clutches Per Month

Second Quarter 2003 (Vol. 15)

New Manufacturing Plant for Mobile Clutches Planned for China. Ogura Clutch Motor Sports Participation Ceremony Held. Ogura becomes a supplier to the aircraft industry.

First Quarter 2003 (Vol. 14)

Ogura production continues to automate, production achieves 200 million mark, new dedicated elevator test lab built, oil well that ends well.

Fourth Quarter 2002 (Vol. 13)

Ogura buys competitor; expands production capacity. Cooling Applications. 2002 Textile Industry Show.

Third Quarter 2002 (Vol. 12)

Ogura announces new manufacturing operation in China, Ogura production improves manufacturing efficiency, Innovative Applications, Web Site Improvements, and much more.

Second Quarter 2002 (Vol. 11)

Ogura announces new manufacturing operation in Malaysia, Mr. Ichiro Ogura passes away, New series of Eddy Current Clutches, and more!

First Quarter 2002 (Vol 10)

OIC Targets 30 % growth for 2002 - Production responds with improved manufacturing process.

Fourth Quarter 2001 (Vol. 9)

Ogura micro clutch production goes 365 24/7, Web Site improvements, Ogura Japan CD-rom released, Reversing Drives for Double Sided copy machine, and much more!

Third Quarter 2001 (Vol 8)

Huron Precision Parts Corp. is Born, New Booth displayed at Louisville Expo, and much more.

Second Quarter 2001 (Vol. 7)

New Product Release, Machine Design Article, New CD Released, and much more information in the 2nd Quarter 2001 newsletter.

First Quarter 2001 (Vol. 6)

The First Edition of the new year. Feature Articles: "South American Production Plant Opened", "Speed is Key", and a New Product Release.

Fourth Quarter 2000 (Vol. 5)

The Fourth Edition of 2000. Feature Articles: "Industrial Test Labs Updated", "Ogura Magnetic Particle Brake Provides Computer Controlled Tension". This Newsletter is in PDF Format and is Downloadable.

Third Quarter 2000 (Vol. 4)

The Third Edition of 2000. Feature Articles: "Louisville Expo", "Ogura Clutches Allow Multiple Components to Run on Auxiliary". This Newsletter is in PDF Format and is downloadable.

Second Quarter 2000 (Vol. 3)

The Second Edition of 2000. Feature Articles: "New Test Lab Opened", "All Ogura Japan Plants Are Certified For ISO-14001". This newsletter is in PDF format and is downloadable.

First Quarter 2000 (Vol. 2)

The First Edition of the new year. Feature Article: "New Engineering Building Dedicated". This Newsletter is in PDF Format and is downloadable.

Fall 1999 (Vol. 1)

The Premier Edition of the Ogura Industrial Newsletter. Feature Article: "Ogura Industrial Holds 1999 National Sales Meeting". This Newsletter is in PDF Format and is Downloadable.