Article in Machine Design

An article written by Ogura was recently featured in Machine Design. Click Here to read the article.

New PTO Animation Created by Ogura

Ogura has created an animation showing how power take off clutches work. Many outdoor power equipment machines use PTO clutch brakes to engage and disengage a rotating implement. Lawn and garden tractors and zero turn machines use a switch to engage and disengage the clutch which controls the rotation of the blades. The animation also shows how clutch torque is developed and how the clutch brake can extend its total cycle life. The PTO animation and the procedure for flipping the brake pads has been added to the PTO installation video.

New Mobile Clutch Animation Created

Ogura Industrial has created a new animation showing how mobile clutches work. The animation shows the component parts of a mobile clutch and how torque is created by using multiple flux paths in mobile clutches. This new animation has also been added to our installation video for small hydraulic pumps as well as the installation video for water pump clutches

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