Why all the interest in Ogura PTO clutches?

GIE EXPO, Louisville, KY

Why all the interest in Ogura PTO clutches?

The use of Ogura’s new patented PTO clutch brake (US patent # US8,973,727B1) are expanding in the lawn and garden industry. Innovative “FlipSet™” brake pads allow the machine operator/owner to simply unbolt and then flip the pads, increasing overall cycle life of the machine and decreasing the frequency of replacement clutches thereby lowering both service parts cost and machine downtime. Clutches are also available with a built-in connector, so the clutch does not have to be replaced because of a torn lead-wire. Ogura clutches follow automotive quality standards TS16949 and the patented design can save you money versus other non-adjustable clutches in the market. We are Ogura and we make the best PTO Clutch Brakes in the industry. Insist on the best – Insist on Ogura on your machines.

Benefits from using an Ogura patented PTO clutch:

  • FlipSet™ adjustable brake pads
  • Built-in electrical connector
  • One-piece construction (preassembled)
  • New bearing seal design (better resistance to water)
  • Optional soft start control

How it works

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