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Troubleshooting Tips

Featured Troubleshooting Tip Video

Nothing changed in the application. Why am I having timing problems?

This snippet is from Ogura's full length troubleshooting online video. In this 45 second video segment, we show the formula and the effect on torque when the application speed changes.

Overloading of a clutch or brake can cause it to slip.

This is obvious in the case where a heavier load is required to start or stop but can be tricky sometimes if it is simply just a change in rpm.

This formula shows the amount of torque required to accelerate or decelerate a given inertia at a given rpm.

If the inertia and response time of the clutch or brake remains the same, and there is simply a change in rpm say from 200 to 400 rpm, the formula will show that twice the torque is now required from the clutch or brake to keep the same response time.

In a case where overloading is suspected, both load and speed should be evaluated.