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single face clutches and brakes,
multiple disk and tooth clutches,
power off brakes,
hysteresis and magnetic particle


All products for factory and office automation, manufacturing, medical, food processing, robotics, servo motors, machine tool, packaging and other industrial machinery.

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for pumps and compressors


Belt drive clutches for pumps and compressor driven off of gas or diesel engines. Typical applications are air conditioning, air compressors, hydraulic, water, vacuum pumps and other specialty automotive applications.

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for Gas and Diesel Engine Driven Components

General Purpose

Engine mounted clutches for outdoor, construction, farming and off-road equipment driven off a gas or diesel engine, outdoor power equipment, like stump grinders and saw mills, salt and sand spreaders, construction and finishing equipment.

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for Outdoor Power Equipment

PTO Clutch/Brakes

For mowers and tractors driving cutting blades and implements. Typical applications: Lawn and garden tractors, commercial zero turn mowers and portable saw mills.

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air pumps or air blowers

Air blower

Air blowers are used to help boost engine horse power as well as control air flow in stationary and portable fuel cells. Typical examples: Off-road construction equipment, marine engines, hydrogen recirculation pumps.

Choose Air Blower