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Industrial Products

All products for factory and office automation, manufacturing, medical, food processing, packaging, robotics, servo motors, machine tool, packaging and other industrial machinery.

For OEM Inquiries:

Ogura primarily sells to original equipment manufacturers. Equipment manufacturers that wish to purchase direct should contact us and submit application details to see if they qualify to set up a direct account. Please call us at 732-271-7361 or submit a general inquiry form or complete the application data form

Replacement Part Orders:

Many products that Ogura manufactures are specialized for a particular OEM and it is always best to go back to that OEM to purchase service parts through their authorized channels. If you are inquiring about products from one of the following OEM’s, please click on the link for more information. Not all OEM’s that Ogura supplies are listed below, but if the part you are searching for has come off one of the below manufacturers, click on the link to view their authorized service channels.

If you do not know what machine it came off of and there is no label on the clutch or brake, you will have to try to determine the dimensions of the part and compare that to parts listed on the Ogura website. From that, you can find a part number that you can use to make a distributor inquiry.

Links to OEM

Additional Aftermarket Sources

If the part you are searching for has come off a machine not listed above, it may be available through one of the aftermarket distributors listed below. Please check their website to find the closest location to you and provide them the Ogura part number.