Ogura Design Advantages

High torque, compact design

Multiple disk design provides high torque in a small diameter

Low drag torque

Special release spring enables quick disengagement. Both wet and dry types have very low drag torque when the clutch is disengaged.

Small activation force

Thanks to a large lever ratio (and roller designed for sizes larger than 100) activation force is small versus the torque the clutch can transmit.

No thrust load

Force is only required to engage or disengage the clutch. There is no thrust load required to keep the clutch engaged.

Good heat dissipation

The wet clutch option has very good heat dissipation capabilities.

Easy adjustment

Torque is easily adjustable by accessing the torque adjustment nut

Long life

Wet clutches have very little frictional wear and can last a very long time. The friction disc on the dry type clutch has a very large friction area. Both wet and dry friction discs can be serviced if required.