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Permanent Magnet Hysteresis Brakes

Permanent magnet hysteresis units can be configured as a clutch or a brake depending upon mounting. Torque is accurate and dependable because it is produced magnetically, not via friction. Torque is consistent over a given speed range. Because there is no wear, units have an extremely long life. Also since units are sealed, there is no concern about contamination. Each unit has an adjustable torque range that can be set by the user and since the units operate via permanent magnets, no external controls or power is required.

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Low cost slip clutch design for momentary and/or continuous slipping. Torque is produced magnetically eliminating the possibility of high break away torque that occurs within typical friction devices. Torque is consistent over a given speed range. Units are sealed so that internal particles cannot contaminate machine likewise external particles cannot contaminate the OPLs. Units are supplied with stainless steel shafts, which can be customized to meet your needs. (The OPR units are hollow bore mounted.)

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