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High Speed Ogura Micro Electromagnetic Clutch Now Available With Shaft


Ogura has enhanced their Hi-Mic5 design to include a shaft designed to a customer's specification.
The electromagnetic clutch incorporates two ball bearing in the field assembly and two ball bearings in the pulley assembly. This means that not only can the clutch handle about a 40% higher speed/load than a bushing clutch it can also take a side load on the pulley so there's no problem when using a timing belt. Since ball bearings are used on all rotating parts life is significantly longer than bushing style clutches.
The Hi-Mic clutches are ideally suited for paper feeding application for office machinery. Fax machines, copy machines, printers, and other peripheral devices that require high speed paper handling, are ideal applications.
Clutches can come with a lead wire or with a terminal output. They can also come with a custom dust cover to protect the armature against contamination. To save customers assembly time clutches can be made with shafts designed to customer specifications.
One other unique feature about the Hi-Mic is that it is easily recyclable. Component parts can be easily disassembled separating copper from steel from plastic which helps the environment. Clutches are RoHS compliant and conformed to UL/CSA requirements for lead wires.

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