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Ogura Creates New Air Pump Brochure


Ogura Industrial has created a new marketing brochure for air pumps. These pumps have traditionally been used for supercharging gas and diesel engines. Because the Ogura pumps/blowers operate at incredibly high efficiency, they are finding new opportunities in fuel cells to move air. When modified with special seals, these units can also deliver wet hydrogen through fuel cell membranes increasing fuel cell electrical output.

Ogura air pumps use hollow bore, aluminum rotors in an aluminum housing, so they are light weight with excellent heat dissipation. The low inertia rotors can be fitted with an optional electric clutch to provide control for instantaneous boost. Since they deliver air only when needed, they do not need a holding tank like compressed air, so they are being used in portable blow off equipment and are also being used to provide focused air in agricultural applications.

Ogura has been producing superchargers for almost 50 years and has been in business since 1938. Although Ogura primarily produces electromagnetic clutches and brakes, we also produce magnetic particle, mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and a variety of specialty products. Ogura is the world's largest manufacturer of electromagnetic clutches and brakes. Current manufacturing capacity is over 30 million units per year. To provide localized support, we have 14 manufacturing plants spread throughout the world. Most manufacturing facilities are ISO recognized and conform to the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and IATF 16949:2016.

If you would like us to build a special product for you or to modify one of our existing standard models, please contact us at 732-271-7361, and we will assist you in finding a product that will meet your needs. You can download this brochure from our website at or please call us and we will mail one to you.

Click here to view the new brochure.

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