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New Animation Created for Permanent Magnet/Hysteresis Slip Clutch/Brakes


Ogura has created a new animation showing how permanent magnet/hysteresis slip clutch/brakes work. The animation covers both construction styles. The first one is the low cost OPL series which uses a combination of permanent magnets and magnetic particle powder to create a fixed drag torque. These units are primarily used as paper feed separators in copy machines and printers. They are also used for other paper feed devices like ATM's, card readers and mailing machines or other low torque limiting requirements.

The animation also shows the PHT series which uses opposing magnetic fields acting on a hysteresis disc to create torque magnetically or to create a non-frictional magnetic torque. The animation shows how by changing the position of the magnets, flux either increases or decreases on the hysteresis disc rotating in the internal magnetic fields which allows the user to vary the drag torque.

The animation can be found on our YouTube channel here.

Ogura has been producing clutches and brakes since 1938. Over that time, we have developed over 5,000 different models of clutches and brakes. Although Ogura primarily produces electromagnetic clutches and brakes, we also produce magnetic particle, mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and a variety of specialty products. Ogura is the world's largest manufacturer of electromagnetic clutches and brakes. Current manufacturing capacity is over 30 million units per year. To provide localized support, we have manufacturing plants spread throughout the world in Asia, The Americas, and Europe. All manufacturing facilities are ISO recognized and conform to the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and IATF 16949:2016.

If you would like us to build a special product for you or to modify one of our existing standard models, please contact us at 732-271-7361, and we will assist you in finding a product that will meet your needs. Or if you prefer, please visit our website at for immediate information. Ogura Industrial Corp. Somerset, NJ.

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