High torque, compact design

Multiple disk design provides high torque in a small diameter

Low drag torque

Special release spring enables quick disengagement. Both wet and dry types have very low drag torque when the clutch is disengaged.

Small activation force

Thanks to a large lever ratio (and roller designed for sizes larger than 100) activation force is small versus the torque the clutch can transmit.

No thrust load

Force is only required to engage or disengage the clutch. There is no thrust load required to keep the clutch engaged.

Good heat dissipation

The wet clutch option has very good heat dissipation capabilities.

Easy adjustment

Torque is easily adjustable by accessing the torque adjustment nut

Long life

Wet clutches have very little frictional wear and can last a very long time. The friction disc on the dry type clutch has a very large friction area. Both wet and dry friction discs can be serviced if required.

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Keyway Wgt
OS-25-80 0 N/A 0.00 Download PDF
UWG-100-160 0 N/A 1.00 Download PDF
UW-100S-160S 0 N/A 1.00 Download PDF
UW-100-160 0 N/A N/A 0.00 Download PDF
DS-253TG 21040200 25.8 25mm N/A 7x28 3.10 Download PDF
OS-255 21054500 36.9 25mm N/A 7x28 3.10 Download PDF
OD-255 21056400 37 25mm N/A 7x28 5.70 Download PDF
OD-457 21056900 45 45mm N/A 12x48.5 20.70 Download PDF
DS-354TG 21042000 59 32mm N/A 10x35.5 7.30 Download PDF
OS-357 21054800 73.8 32mm N/A 10x35.5 7.30 Download PDF
OD-357 21056700 74 32mm N/A 10x35.5 11.90 Download PDF
DS-454TG 21043200 103 45mm N/A 12x48.5 12.60 Download PDF
OS-457 21055000 148 45mm N/A 12x48.5 12.60 Download PDF
DS-555TG 21044400 236 55mm N/A 15x60 18.70 Download PDF
OS-558 21055200 339 55mm N/A 15x60 18.70 Download PDF
OD-558 21057100 339 55mm N/A 15x60 34.20 Download PDF
DS-705TG 21045600 465 70mm N/A 18x76 41.90 Download PDF
OS-708 21055400 664 70mm N/A 18x76 41.90 Download PDF
DS-805TG 21046200 738 70mm N/A 18x76 50.70 Download PDF
OS-808 21055500 1033 70mm N/A 18x76 50.70 Download PDF
DS-1006TG 21046400 1106 80mm N/A 20x86 75.00 Download PDF
OS-1008TG 21055700 1291 80mm N/A 20x86 88.20 Download PDF
DS-1206TG 21046600 2065 100mm N/A 28x109 154.00 Download PDF
OS-1208TG 21055900 2360 100mm N/A 28x109 168.00 Download PDF
DS-1406TG 21046800 3688 120mm N/A 32x130 254.00 Download PDF
OS-1409TG 21056100 4130 120mm N/A 32x130 309.00 Download PDF
DS-1606TG 21047000 4794 150mm N/A 38x162 320.00 Download PDF
OS-1609TG 21056300 5532 150mm N/A 38x162 375.00 Download PDF
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