New Spring Applied Installation Video Created by Ogura

Ogura Industrial has created an installation video for spring applied brakes. The video gives step by step instructions for both small and large spring applied brakes as well as zero backlash style brakes. Besides the installation portion, the video also includes the animation on how a spring applied brake works and troubleshooting tips. The video can be found on the Ogura website or on Ogura’s Youtube channel.

New PTO and Spring Applied Brake Animation Videos

Ogura Industrial has created two new animations to show customers how some of our more popular electromagnetic clutches and brakes work. The animations can be found on Ogura’s website or YouTube channel. These are: Spring applied brakes - Spring applied brakes are made to hold a shaft from turning when it is not desired for both safety and accuracy. Primary applications for these brakes are in robotics, medical equipment, factory automation and processing equipment. The video shows an exploded view of the component parts of the brake and how the magnetic flux created in the coil, releases the spring pressure that creates torque in the brake. The video also describes the difference between standard holding brakes and zero backlash brakes, and also how overexcitation can decrease response time. Power equipment clutch/brakes – Many outdoor power equipment machines use electric PTO clutch/brakes to engage and disengage a rotating implement. Lawn and garden tractors and zero turn machines use a switch to engage and disengage the cutting blades on a mower deck. A PTO clutch/brake is an electric clutch and a mechanical brake so when the armature is disengaged from the clutch, the armature contacts brake plates which help to slow down the cutting blade. The animation shows the various parts of a PTO clutch and how torque is developed via the use of multiple pole armature and rotors. The animation also shows how the brake torque is developed and also how, by flipping the brake pads, the clutch/brake can extend its total cycle life.

New Clutch and Brake Animation Videos Created by Ogura

Ogura has created new animations showing how electromagnetic clutches and brakes work. The animations show how electric current creates magnetic flux in the coil to create a pull in force to engage a timing belt pulley for the clutch and stop a rotating shaft for the brake. These animation videos can be found here: Electromagnetic clutch: Electromagnetic brake:

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