PTO Clutches

Ogura manufactures a wide range of electric clutches used as PTO clutches in riding mowers, zero turn mowers, commercial walk-behind mowers. Heavy duty Ogura PTO clutches provide extended life in demanding turf care machines such as estate mowers, commercial mowers, municipal lawn mowers and other grounds keeping machinery. Electric PTO clutches are recognized as a cost effective, reliable means of mower deck and implement control and contribute to operator safety.

PTO Cluctch/Brakes - How They Work

Ogura electromagnetic PTO clutch brakes provide double the life of competitive clutches by simple adjustment of three adjusting nuts. No special tools are required to adjust an Ogura PTO clutch and adjustment can be performed in minutes with a standard open end wrench.

Our electric PTO clutches and clutch brakes are used to remotely engage the cutting wheel in stump cutters, stump grinders and log cutters allowing the operator to control the implement at a safe distance as an important element of "operator presence" controls.

Electric clutches and PTO clutches are also used in trenchers, seeders, top dressers, and fertilizer and herbicide spreaders and sprayers. Electric clutches save money and increase profits by allowing precise application of seed, chemicals and top soil only where needed to maximize effectiveness and minimize waste. Many units are interchangeable with Warner Electric.