Burnishing is the cycling of the clutch to allow a wearing in of the engagement surface area which increases the torque transmitted. The reason for burnishing a clutch is to increase the initial starting torque. If the starting torque required from the clutch is less than half of what the torque rating is, no burnishing is required. If there is a potential for high torque to be initially required from the clutch, burnishing should be done.

To burnish a clutch, reduce the engine speed to about half. A typical burnishing time will take anywhere from 5 to 30 cycles depending upon inertia. The burnishing frequency should be done at 2 to 6 cycles per minute. Frequency of cycles and amount of cycles required will depend upon inertia. Typically the larger the inertia, the fewer cycles per minute allowed, and the fewer overall cycles required. (For a specific recommendation for your application, please contact us.)