Mobile Clutches

Ogura mobile electric clutches provide reliable performance in many long life applications where electromagnetic clutches are key. They were primarily designed as air conditioning compressor clutches, but now are also used as clutches for hydraulic pumps (clutch pump), water pump clutches, electromagnetic fan clutches and clutches for vacuum pumps. The units that are used to clutch hydraulic pumps and to clutch water pumps are typically used for tow trucks, marine winch drives and boom trucks in the utilities industry. Water pumps are typically driven by our clutches from a gas engine on such equipment as water jetters, pressure washers, street sweepers and carpet cleaning trucks. Additionally, pump clutches are often used in vacuum pump and compressor applications such as refrigeration and waste removal trucks as well as mobile service trucks, or "under hood" applications where the clutch engages a compressor mounted in the engine compartment of a service truck. Ogura mobile clutches range in size from 58 to 1500 and feature numerous pulley configurations including v-belt and poly-v as well as universal hub mounts. The user can choose from a straight, splined or tapered bore to match the corresponding pump shaft. Many of our pump and compressor clutch configurations are interchangeable with both Pitts and Warner Electric.