General Purpose Clutches

Ogura provides electric clutches for many outdoor power equipment applications. Electromagnetic clutches are key to driving many engine-driven components, such as a stump grinder, pump jack, fan, straw blower or in a salt & sand spreader. Ogura General Purpose electromagnetic clutches can handle almost all direct engine mount clutch requirements in the 5 horsepower to 40 horsepower load range. Our electric clutches and brakes are ideally suited for outdoor applications in the agricultural, power equipment, oil and gas field and power generation markets. Designed to transfer motion directly from a gasoline or diesel engine, Ogura clutches feature standard crankshaft bore sizes and torque ratings to handle even high horsepower engines. A wide selection of forged machined pulleys or universal mounts provide for a variety of output drives. Featuring a solid forged rotor and high temp/long life bearings, Ogura General Purpose clutches can tackle the most demanding of applications, and, in many cases, are interchangeable with Warner Electric.