Simple trick to increase pump life

Simple trick to increase pump life

Simple trick to increase pump life

Here is the trick… don’t run your pump all the time. Almost all pumps driven by gas and diesel engines do not always have to be engaged and running. Whenever they are running, they are wasting energy and decreasing the life of the pump. By using an Ogura electromagnetic clutch, the pump can be easily disconnected and only be engaged when needed. When a pump (piston, gear, vane) is run in bypass, the fluid continues to build heat. This can cause the packing to melt and in the case of water pumps, crack or shatter the plungers. With the addition of a clutch, not only is wear reduced, but maintenance and repair costs are slashed or even eliminated. The cost of adding an electromagnetic clutch to the system is minimal, a fraction of the cost of replacing a pump, not only in dollars but in time and money lost on the job. An added benefit comes from easing the load on the engine and making it easier to start in cold weather, so the clutch not only increases pump life but saves fuel cost.

Most small pump clutches cost less than a $100 and can, in many cases, double of the life of your pump. So, a small investment in a clutch can save money in many applications.

For smaller pumps and engines, the Ogura MA Series clutches are available in torques ranging from 58 to 150 lb. ft. For pumps requiring higher horsepower, the MMC Series are rated from 200 to 1500 lb. ft. A variety of bore sizes and pulley options are available from stock.

Benefits you will see when using an Ogura electromagnetic clutch

  • Reduced engine load on cold weather starts
  • Increased operational life of pumps and other driven equipment
  • Fuel and energy savings
  • Safety and convenience (remote starting)

How they work

How they are installed

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