Simple installation

Since the majority of Ogura clutches are one piece designs that come in pre-set, there are no adjustments to make either at the mower manufacturer or with the end user.

Solid forged rotor

A one-piece solid forged rotor means no chance of internal parts separation. Our rotors also have an even wall thickness around the coil which gives optimum flux distribution, maximizing torque.

Different coil voltages available

Although 12 volt is the most common, 24 volts can also be made available. Depending upon the quantity, other specialty voltages can be made.

High temperature longer life grease

All models include our special longer life grease that has shown a significant improvement in life over other standard high temperature greases.


Where possible, all parts in the clutch are e-coated to give maximum corrosion protection.

High temperature epoxy coil

To help prevent failure from both vibration and outside contaminants, all coils are sealed in the coil shell with a high temperature epoxy coating.

Reduced burnishing time

Ogura uses a coating on the clutch face that significantly reduces burnishing time. This is a standard feature on all units.

Adjustable for wear

All Ogura PTO clutch/brakes in this section have the ability to be adjusted for wear. This is both a cost savings and down time savings to the end user. Since the clutch has the ability to be adjusted while it is on the machine, the end user can greatly extend the life of the clutch on the machine.

Six Spring Design

Six armature springs apply an even dynamic braking force and allow for greater overall armature movement.

Adjustable brake force

In some models, the springs can be changed to increase the brake force to help stop higher inertia blades.

Heavy duty field plate

To resist deflection or breakage due to vibration, a thick backing plate is used. Projection welding enhances the connection to the coil shell. Many models also incorporate an exit wire protector.