Ogura air blowers, air pumps, superchargers and recirculation blowers utilize the most robust and lightweight materials available today. Permanently lubricated, our roots style, positive displacement pumps require no maintenance.

Ogura Blowers - How They Work

Precision coated rotors, tight air gaps and high speed ball bearings together make Ogura superchargers the highest efficiency pumps available today. They are finding applications in Fuel cells air pumps, Hydrogen recirculation and diesel emission control systems. These devices are also finding applications as Hydrogen Pumps, natural gas boosters, and ballast purge pumps for marine applications.

Most hydrogen fuel cells use PEM or proton exchange membranes. Precision control of; air flow, pressure and humidity are required to have the chemistry of a fuel cell work to generate electricity. Similarly the proper introduction and control of air is required in post combustion DPF, soot reduction technology for diesel emissions control.

Superchargers can be used for engine boost to have the performance of a large engine in a smaller and lighter engine. This air blower when used as supercharger, can increase engine horse power while keeping fuel usage at its lowest.