If you have a bearing mounted one-piece design your clutch should automatically be adjusted at the factory and no adjustment is required. This section is for your reference only. Please proceed to the burnishing section. If you have a two piece design or a flange mount design, please adjust using the following procedure:

Step 1

Mount all components to the clutch according to our installation procedure. Please make sure that the brake plate and coil springs are in the proper position. Start to tighten down the gap adjustment nuts. The same number of turns should be applied to each nut successively so the adjustment is as even as possible.

Step 2

There are three inspection slots on the brake cover. With a feeler gauge of between .013-.015 for clutches used on 25 horsepower and under, and .015-.022 for clutches used on 25-31 horsepower, tighten each nut down until slight contact is felt on the feeler gauge. Once all three are finished, go back and check the air gap (occasionally some minor adjustment will be required).

Step 3

Once the air gap is within the specified range, engage the clutch at full coil voltage and rotate it. If there is no contact on the brake shroud, the clutch is okay; however, if there is any contact with the brake shroud, the gap adjustment nuts should be backed off slightly to eliminate the contact.